Cerro Gordo Silver Mines: Build the Boomtown at home

Cerro Gordo Silver Mines, is a game based on the iconic youtube channel @ghosttownliving, and the true story of the mining town from the 1860s that extracted enough silver to build Los Angeles.

In this game, you will co-build Cerro Gordo in its heyday, with individual and shared objectives. You'll be receiving silver as you dig further into the mine, and use that silver to build the town in your vision.

Watch out as catastrophic events can set you back, and you may cross paths with other characters that have their own agendas. 

Can you complete all your objectives and gain the most silver, to win the game? 

Coming soon to kickstarter!

  • 12 different road tiles
  • 4 Building Categories
  • 5 Unique Character Cards
  • 23 Objectives
  • 22 Possible Events
  • And so much more!

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Five Unique Characters

Play as the real historical figures Remi Nadeau, Lola Travis, Mortimer Belshaw, Victor Beaudry or John Simpson. 

Each has their own agenda of what they want to do in town to gain their riches. While not directly competing, sometimes they don’t see eye to eye on what’s best for their town. 

Every character has a special power in the game, as well as bonus scoring during gameplay. Trust us you’ll need any advantage you can get!

Twenty-two possible events

Building doesn’t come easy when you're 8,300 above sea level, and have no direct access to wood and water. These events will test your strategy and resilience. 

Can you overcome blizzards, earthquakes, fires and shootouts to accomplish what you came to town for?

Live out the history of ghost town living at home

You’ve watched Brent build the town and talk about the history, now you can take matters in your own hands and build the history Cerro Gordo your own way. You’ll find yourself living many of the references of the youtube channel. 

Share this experience with your friends even if they’re new to the channel. 

Fun even if you're new to board games! And highly re-playable!

Cerro Gordo Silver Mines is designed to be fun and challenging for everyone even if you’re new to tabletop games. Game play is between 20-40 minutes to make it an engaging experience. Rules are easy to understand after your first play, and the characters and events ensure the two new games will be the same!

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